Little Tobago Bird Sanctuary

A bird watching trip to Little Tobago takes approximately 20 minutes via a glass Bottom Boat. This gives one an opportunity to snorkel and see the largest Brain Coral recorded in the Western Hemisphere, plus a visit to see some of the exotic Sea Birds which are found on the Island, namely: Red-Footed and Brown Boobies, Magnificent Frigate Birds and Red Billed Tropicbirds. Other Sea Birds which can also be seen from mid April to September are Sooty, Bridle and Roseate Terns and Brown Noddy.

Bloody Bay Rain Forest

The Tobago Rain Forest is the oldest protected Forest in the Western Hemisphere and was established in 1765 for its water shed protection. It is the home for some of Tobago's most colourful species of birds, namely the Blue Backed Manakin, White tailed Sabrewing Hummingbird, Olivaceous Woodcreeper, Yellow Legged Thrush, Fuscous Flycatcher, Great Black Hawk, Collared Trogon and many others. Trap door Spiders, Fruit eating Bats, Lizards, Snakes and endemic trees make up part of the biodiversities of the Rain Forest.

Island Tour

This trip includes a visit to:

  1. Wetlands & Sewage Ponds
  2. Grafton Bird Sanctuary
  3. VHL Mangrove Board Walk
  4. Adventure Farm for Hummingbirds

In these four areas one can see White Cheeked Pintail, Black Bellied Whistling and Mask Ducks, Least Grebe, Anhinga, Mangrove Cuckoo and Waders.

During the months of September to April you can see Pereguine Falcon, Merlin, Northern Waterthrush, American Red Start and Wablers namely Prothonotary, Black and White and Yellow Wablers.

Trip to Trinidad

An all day trip to Trinidad starts with the first morning flight out of Tobago, at approximately 6.40am, with a 20 minute flying time. You will have an opportunity to see the only nocturnal fruit eating bird in the world - the Oil Bird - and see the Bell Bird as well as Green and Purple Honeycreepers, Channel Billed Toucan, Lineated Woodpecker, Violaceous and White Tailed Trogon,Tufted Coquette Hummingbirds and many other at the Asa Wright Nature Centre. We leave the Centre at 2.00pm for a trip to the Caroni Swamp Bird Sanctuary to see the Scarlet Ibis, Red capped Cardinal and other Herons. We return to Tobago on the 7.45pm flight.